Why Attend?

10 reasons to attend the Ancestor's Trail …... and three reasons not to:

  1. You'll join with over 100 people in a pilgrimage organised by non religious people (Humanists). Everyone is invited including people of faith. Like religious pilgrimages we hope you'll feel part of something much bigger ……we've just switched the 'something' bit.
  2. Enjoy a variety of trail presentations along the way merging science and art ~ readings, poetry, music and more. We're well established - in our 9th year now.
  3. Experience the joy of walked conversation with interesting, open minded and educated people. Escape your existing social 'bubbles' - rub shoulders with all sorts - walking creates a special opportunity to meet new people - from scientists to artists and from infants to octogenarians. One trail is suitable for wheelchair users.
  4. Find out what it really means to 'belong' and revel in the big picture. Have a look at this TED lecture on why we are driven to belong
  5. Come away brimming with fascinating science.
  6. Get physical - choose your walking distance from 3 to 12 miles.
  7. It only costs £10 per person to walk - and that includes tea/coffee and cake at Cheshunt YHA at the end
  8. Get closer to nature and support biodiversity - learn about local wildlife amongst beautiful woods and quiet country lanes - just a tube or train ride away from central London.
  9. Relax - leave the car at home, no maps or preparation needed - just bring a picnic. All our main trails start at tube or train stations where our trail guides will meet you and show you the way. We end near a station too - Cheshunt - so it's an easy ride home afterwards.
  10. Consider staying on afterwards at Cheshunt YHA and join us for an evening meal including entertainment. In fact why not book a room and join us the next morning for breakfast and two or three 30 minute science lectures upstairs at the hostel.

Three (incorrect) reasons you may not come:

  1. Science bamboozlement - too many long words and difficult concepts - not true - we deliver our science in short chunks and work really hard to make it accessible to all.
  2. Humanists - never heard of them - are they some sort of cult? No, we are a bunch of people with no religion - our sayings include 'Good without God' and 'For the one life we have'. Humanists - look to science and philosophy to make sense of our existence and shape our morality.
  3. Is all this part of a mission to turn people away from religion? No - Humanists accept fully that people should be free to believe as they wish. We hope the event will promote science, increase awareness of humanism and spread a little collective joy.

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Background photograph by Martin Morris