The Trails

Have a look at the map below, this will help you decide which trail to walk - the total walking distances for each are shown.

Correspondingly the starting time for each trail is also different and also to be found on the map or on the individual trail details below. For instance, the human trail starts at 09.45 from Chingford rail station whereas the Plant trail starts at 14.10 at Waltham Cross rail station.

The dotted trails have no walking marshal and you'd need a good map. (From experience it is very easy to get lost and this would potentially mean you miss the whole event, so if you have any doubt, pick a trail with a walking marshal who will show you the way).

Please be aware that the experiences you'll have along each trail are different and detailed in the individual trail descriptions below the map.

Trail finish: We are all are planned to arrive at Cheshunt YHA at around 16.30 - 17.00 BUT that's not including Tea and cake at the YHA so you won't be done until nearer 18.00.

Important Information
Health & Safety Guidance
The walking pace is expected to average 15 minutes/km.  For the longer trails we recommend that you bring a light lunch for picnicing.  The four-and-a-half mile Bacteria Trail is suitable for, and regularly used by, wheelchair users. Toilet breaks depends on your trail - see below.

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Background photograph by Martin Morris