AT international

It's wonderful to see Ancestor's Trail events popping up around the world.

Canada: 2011- present day

First to follow our UK lead was the Halton-Peel Humanists of Mississauga near Toronto in Ontario thanks mainly to the work of Kevin Saldanha. They now choose to walk forwards in time along 12.5km of the Culham trail and en route display living representatives from the tree of life.


The next place to stage a trail was Siberia. Alexander Dubynin and Ivan Frolov ran the event for the first time in 2015 in Akademgorodok at the science festival EUREKA!FEST with support from the Novosibirsk State University - including contributions from the charismatic professor Pavel Borodin. They ended their event at a beautiful lake. Alexander is keen to create 'Trail Leaders Guide' to help potential organisers run their first trail event. This is their trail video: The Siberian Trail

Here is a video of their 2017 Darwin Day celebrations

USA: 2018

Next on the Ancestor's trail world map (unless anywhere else beats them to it!) will be the USA who have confirmed a trail in the Mohonk Preserve in New York State on April 28th. This is being led by Glenn Geher, Aron Wiegand and Olivia Jewell of SUNY (the State University of New York). The University has a long history of organising a variety of outreach events, and their trail willtake place in a beautiful location as well as being a highly faithful representation of the Ancestor's Tale book.

Rumours of Australian, Indian and Portuguese Trails have been mooted, but are yet to be substantiated!