One Zoom

OneZoom is the official charity to be supported by the Ancestor's Trail 2016.

OneZoom is the interactive guide to the relationships between all life on earth and was created by Dr James Rosindell with the help of Dr Yan Wong, co-author of the Ancestor's Tale. They are both presenting one of the Sunday morning talks and will be joining us on the trail on Saturday.

Sunday Talks
Along with James and Yan, Tom McNally will also be providing a talk on the evolution of complex characteristics, focusing in on the eyes, the nervous system and consciousness.

Tickets for the talks can be purchased on the booking page.

We are a non-profit and booking the Sunday morning talks, along with the other post-trail acrivities helps us keep the trail free to all.

Imagine if we could do for the living world what Google Earth does for the physical world. Imagine if we could seamlessly navigate through the complete tree of all life from the amazing wildlife on our doorstep, to our food, and the diseases that plague us. OneZoom, a registered UK charity (number 1163559), has been working towards making that vision a reality.

The OneZoom visualisation has formed a core part of the second edition of the Ancestor's Tale, appearing on the front cover and inside, as well as being a major feature of the book website. And the influential 'Why Evolution is True' blog has dubbed OneZoom �the best interactive tree of life ever". Nevertheless, but the project is not finished yet - we want to see it get even better, and that needs funds for software development. That's why we're making OneZoom the official charity to be supported by the Ancestor's Trail 2016 walk. As we trace the tree of life with our footsteps in Epping Forest, what could be more fitting than to support the science outreach project that makes the same tree easily accessible for everyone online?

Sponsor a Leaf

OneZoom is funded entirely by donations, and it offers donors a unique reward: a single leaf of your choice on the tree of life. You can have your name on the leaf, or you could get it as a special gift for someone else. Richard Dawkins has sponsored the Verreaux's Sifaka, the lemur that dances with its hands in the air. The Bromley beekeepers' association sponsored the European honey bee. And the whale shark has been sponsored �for Anne Sarsfield, fab mum, lover of whale sharks" and there are loads more. What personal message would you like to leave on this unique online work of art? To choose a species, explore the OneZoom tree of life using this special ancestor's trail link*, click on a leaf, choose the 'sponsor' tab, and fill in the form. There is only one sponsor allowed per species, so get your favourite species while you can.

If you'd like to know more, why not read the Nature Magazine interview by Daniel Cressey, where James Rosindell and Yan Wong answer questions about OneZoom?

* If you go to the usual OneZoom website instead of using the special link please make sure you enter the 'AT16' in 'your message to us' so OneZoom can track donations from Ancestor's Trail supporters; we suggest that you choose 'Ancestor's Trail 2016' as 'extra text' for your leaf which will then be displayed next to your name in the tree.

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Background photograph by Martin Morris