Health and Safety

The walk relies upon making rendezvous at pre-arranged times. Consequently, should someone twist an ankle or similar, we will do all we can to help, but be advised that the main body of walkers will have to carry on regardless. In the event of a problem, there are many nearby roads from which our 'emergency taxi', can pick you up and take you to Cheshunt. Ask a Trail Marshal. 

Be aware that mobile reception in Epping Forest and surroundings is patchy.

The paths are muddy and uneven in places so have suitable footwear. The Human trail is 12 miles on undulating terrain and we will be walking for a total of (7) hours.

The New World Monkey, Human and Gazelle trails will be able to purchase water or food at High Beech. We do not stay long enough at High Beech to purchase pub food. The longer trails will make two 20 minute stops - High Beach at 11.40am and Upshire at 1.30pm. 

Toilets will be available at the train/tube stations from which you begin your trails. If you are walking the Human, New World Monkey or Gazelle Trails (or any in between) toilets will also be available at around 11.40am at High Beech. There is also a 20mins stop near Upshire (around 1.30pm) from where we have made arrangements to use the toilets at a local pub (the Horseshoes). However, time pressure prevent the purchase of drinks I'm afraid.There will be no other toilets until 4.30pm near Cheshunt YHA.

Epping Forest and Lee Valley Park are frequented by large numbers of cyclists and horseriders. Please be vigilant. Ticks from deer/sheep are present in Epping Forest and cases of Lyme's disease have occurred (rarely) after bites. To reduce these risks keep on the main footpaths away from bracken and other short heathland vegetation. Lay down a mat before seating. Poisonous Adder snakes also occur although they are very rare. Stay on the paths to avoid them. 

Crossing Roads - we cross several main roads. These are potentially hazardous with fast moving traffic. Marshals will be in position to draw your attention to them as we approach (children will be asked to wait until a responsible adult arrives). However, we ask that you take responsibility to ensure you cross safely.

If you are bringing children along then please be aware that you are responsible for them and their safety. 

Please keep to the paths and do everything possible to avoid disturbing wildlife.

DOGS: Owners should be aware that there are horse-riders and livestock roaming free in places along the route. If in any doubt, please keep your dogs on their leads at all times. 

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Background photograph by Martin Morris