A walking event based on life's story

The Ancestor’s Trail is an annual event, based on Richard Dawkins’ book ‘The Ancestor’s Tale’.

London, UK

The date for the 2021 Ancestor’s Trail is to be confirmed.  It will take place in Epping Forest and the Lee Valley Country Park.  

The trails are of varying length (from 3 to 12 miles), ranging from longer, more challenging hikes to shorter, easier wheelchair-friendly flat-terrain walks.  Walkers will be met at specified times at each starting location and guided by marshals back to the origins of life.  

Toronto, Canada

Th Canadian hike starts at Erindale Par with the dawn of multicellular life head up the Culham Trail in Mississauga to the current time of prolific Humanity in the park at the end of mostly hiking along the Credit River.

New York, USA

A unique educational experience that maps different lineages of life onto real hiking trails – to provide for a first-hand and participatory education regarding the evolution of life.

'Congratulations on this great thing you've created'

Tim Minchin

'A biological pilgrimage in Epping. Quite interesting!'

Stephen Fry

A new version of Richard Dawkins' and Dr Yan Wong's book The Ancestor's Tale, is now available. The book,on which our trail is based, takes us on a journey back through time meeting up with our increasingly distant common ancestors.

The One Zoom allows you to explore the tree of life in a completely new way: like a map, everything is on one page, all you have to do is zoom in and out.

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Background photograph by Martin Morris