Saturday 15th August 2015

The Ancestor's Trail is an annual biological pilgrimage combining walking, evolution and art. Based on Richard Dawkins' book 'The Ancestor's Tale', the Trail guides its walkers along a time line from the present day back 3.8 billion years to the origins of life.

The Ancestors Trail - a walk back in time where your first step will take you back in to the last Ice Age, before human history began

The event celebrates 'our place' within the biodiversity machine we call evolution. Although the aim of this walk is to provide a shared experience for non-religious people, our common origins belong to us all and so we warmly extend an open invitation to everyone.

The Ancestors Trail is made up of several walks of varying lengths, located in Epping Forrest, London. Each trail starts at a train or tube station.

Please register to be kept informed of the 2015 trail.

The weekend event includes:

Saturday - The Ancestor's Trail - walk as far as you wish. Post trail entertainment.
Sunday - morning lectures

Walking the trail is free.

Peruse the Tree of Life in all its splendor using One Zoom - its creator James Rosindell and Yan Wong will be attending/speaking this year.

The Trails
The 5 marshalled trails are:

Human Trail
9.45. Chingford station, 12.5 miles

Gazelle Trail
10.05. Loughton station, 11.5 miles

Amphibian Trail
11.30. Epping station, 9 miles

Plant Trail
14.15. Waltham Abbey bus stop, 3 miles

Bacteria Trail
13.15. Enfield Lock station, 4.5 miles

More about the Trails

Click on the map above to see the London 2014 Google map showing all the planned routes.